Volquest: Jerome Carvin talks Orange Carpet Day, third visit this spring

KNOXVILLE — Tennessee played host to a ton of coveted prospects and targets today for the Vols’ Orange Carpet Day.

Without question, one of the headliners was offensive lineman Jerome Carvin from Cordova.

The Vols are already holding a pair of in-state offensive line commitments from Cade Mays and Ollie Lane and would love to nail down Carvin to make it an in-state trifecta up front.

From his comments, it appeared that the Vols made another strong impression on the player who’s undoubtedly at the top of the board for remaining offensive line targets.

“My mom came with me this time, and it was a really good visit. I liked it a lot up here today. It was totally different than any of my other visits,” Carvin said of his two-day trip.

“Just the chance to hang out with so many players is what made it different. I talked to a lot of commits, Cade Mays and Ollie Lane, I spent a lot of time with them and talked a lot with Adrian Martinez. There all real cool people.”

Carvin has been hearing the coaching staff’s best sales pitch for months. This weekend, he got it from many of his peers who are already on the Vols’ commit list.

He noted that he felt the pull in a real way, but held off on making any decision.

“It crossed my mind, but I’m going to keep holding out for a little while,” Carvin said when asked if he thought of committing today.

“They were working on me hard today. It stands out how many of the commits are in-state guys. They were pushing hard today. They were almost successful,” he said with a laugh.

Carvin had no doubts about how much Tennessee wants him in the fold even before this weekend’s trip. He’s been a focal point for offensive line coach Walt Wells since Wells moved into that role this winter.

“My relationship with coach Wells here is real strong. I have a good relationship with him and coach Jones both. That’s important to me,” Carvin said.

Asked today if anyone from that rather large group was standing out he declined to name a favorite, but did seem to hint that he’s focusing on a narrower group.

“I don’t have a favorite right now, I’m looking at everybody evenly. I’ll drop it down to about three or five schools soon and I’ll pick from there.”

Carvin will visit Arkansas this week after leaving Knoxville and has a trip scheduled to Alabama for July 1. He also indicated he wants to make it to Michigan for an unofficial visit before the end of the summer.

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