Interesting Facts About Tennessee

Tennessee is a state located in the eastern portion of the United States. Known for its music tradition, especially when it comes to country music, it also has a strong importance in American history from wars to inventions. Below you will find a number of interesting facts about the history of this state that you had not previously known.

Tennessee had a different capitol for just one day. During negotiations with Native Americans they used the city of Kingston as their capitol. It was moved back to Knoxville the following day.

One president that came from this state was Andrew Johnson. While he was not the only president born in the state, he was the only person that held every single possible political position. He was at one time an alderman, a mayor, a state representative, then vice president and finally the president of the United States after Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. It is said that he was extremely proud of living a life dedicated to public service.

You may have known that it is known as the Volunteer State. This is because when fighting the battle of New Orleans the soldiers that had volunteered had exhibited extreme valor. This one moment in history gave the state this nickname.

The nickname above still makes sense today. Of all of the soldiers that volunteered to serve during the Gulf War, the highest number of recruits came from this state. It seems that the nickname still inspires those that grow up there.

There is an area known as the Copper Basin due to its unique geography. It is able to be seen from space and is noted to astronauts. It was created during the mining boom in the 1800s.

Greeneville has something absolutely unique. It is the only place in the country that has statues that are meant to honor those that fought on both sides of the Civil War. There are monuments for both Confederate and Union Soldiers.

It has the most caves in the country. It also has the longest stretches of caves. With 3800 caves that are known, it is clearly a record that is hard to beat.

These are just a few of the little known facts about the great state of Tennessee. With its long and rich history, it is impossible to know everything. As they say, there is always something new to learn.